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I love this beautiful photo of blood orange peels from Teresa at

Check out the rest of the post. 

Much like winter won’t let go of spring, the past few weeks have been full of bad news and sickness …and very much lacking in bright spots. Today, I’m focusing on happy things, movement, sunshine, and simple reminders that we’re all human and need a little grace every now and then.

During this time, I’ve been doing a study on Asian cuisine …I’ve been making veggie rolls at home and tried lumpia (what’s that?) and bibimbap (what’s that?) for the first time. So of course, I’m obsessed with this Quinoa Avocado, Cucumer, and Spinach Sushi from I’ll have to try that recipe soon.

Sun Salutation for Kids (So catchy…and even adults can get in a good stretch once in a while)

I admire Dooce’s advocacy for mental illness, and I’m always thankful for this annual reminder from her that asks for a little extra leeway for yourself and/or friends, family, coworkers, etc. that might be having a harder time at this point in the year.  

I’ve been working out using Keaira’s channel (cookin’ in the kitchen is one of my favorite moves). I’m really enjoying it, and it’s giving me lots of energy. I was pumped to find the 30 Day Challenge to follow. Go #TeamLashae!

If you’re a Pandora user, do yourself a favor and type in Happy by Pharrell. Such a great station to brighten your day.

Have a great week!


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Toddler version #keepinitreal

This is the BettyBecca version of the link round-ups you’re seeing everywhere these days. These are things caught my eye or new things I’m trying out.

I can’t stop thinking about this epic snack (hello, meat chips).

This is a lot like my life in the kitchen especially the poltergeist cabinets (except when I get REAL in the kitchen, I clean as I go.).

I need a ticket to Hoboken. 

I’ll be keeping track of this frosting guide for handy reference. 

Homemade tortillas need to happen asap.

Aarti (Food Network Star Winner, Season 6) is back on the scene, and it’s been great hearing from her. Show her some love! (I freaking love this: What the buck?)

Mr. J’s epic birthday cake got featured on The Red Headed Stepchild. Check out Sarah’s awesome version of this cake for her husband’s birthday.

I’ve been sharing the toddler’s version of meals on Instagram (pictured above), and I’ve been getting great feedback. I hope to keep it up so follow me @Betty_Becca for more!

Eggs of Instagram

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Barely slowing down for a picture #yum

I’ve noticed a trend: I like to take Instagram photos of my weekend breakfasts, and they almost always include eggs. My favorite way to eat them is whatever gets me to a nice golden runny yolk…either fried or poached.

I haven’t followed up on my egg poaching resolution just yet, but I have mastered the fried egg lately. I’ll take that small win for now. If you’re working on your egg skills like I am, check out these tutorials from some of my favorite food bloggers:

Here’s the one for poached eggs from Smitten Kitchen, and the one for fried eggs from Pioneer Woman (that I’ve talked about before). This combo is a cool approach from A Cook at Heart. I’m going to try that soon.

French toast is next up on the Favorites list. I’ve been making it dairy free with almond milk, throwing in a dash of cinnamon, and cooking up some fruit to go on top in the same pan once I flip the toast over. It’s a big hit with the toddler set, too.

Apparently, I’m not the only one with an affinity for posting my eggs on the ‘gram. Check this out, and add your own pics with #eggsofinstagram: