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Posted by on Jan 30, 2011 in Everyone Will Eat It | 2 comments

A Recipe from Vanna White

Vanna White - Wheel of Fortune *Image from Google Image search

Today I have a recipe to share from Vanna White.

One time as she and Pat were chatting at the end of the show just before the credits, she mentioned this recipe. It incorporates one of Mr. J’s favorite ingredients: BBQ sauce. And chicken. Yep, there are only two ingredients, plus a crockpot and a little time.

Side note: Mr. J loves this show. I think I got my fill of it staying with my elderly neighbors as a kid. After that, we moved to the country and didn’t have a lot to choose from on TV. We could always count on Wheel to come in clearly after dinner (yes, we ate really early). I still enjoy watching it for the puzzles, but I don’t go seeking it out.

I have this going in the crockpot today to use as a meal component for this coming week. I usually do crockpot things on Sunday since I have the time. I start by putting a little BBQ sauce in to coat the bottom. Mr. J’s favorite kind is Kraft Original.

Side note 2: I think everyone has at least one condiment obsession. Mr. J’s is BBQ sauce. I heard this about him before I even started dating him (back in the Stone Ages). Mine is mayo. I love it. My co-worker Rachel adores ketchup, and my grade school friend Whitney could eat mustard from the little packages in the cafeteria. It’s just not right until the level of excess with your condiment of choice grosses everyone else out.

Vanna's BBQ Chicken

For this, I used Perdue chicken breast tenderloins straight out of the package. If you’ve read my profile, you know how I am about meat, so whenever I don’t have to get up-close-and-personal with it, I’m happy. Add a little more BBQ sauce and stir to coat. There really aren’t any measurements. You just want to make sure that there is a good chicken to sauce ratio. Mathematically, that looks like this Chicken : Sauce. Cook on low for about 2-3 hours or until a thermometer gives an internal reading of 165 degrees. You’ll want to stir it every hour or so. I tried to do this overnight once, and I learned that you can, in fact, burn something in a crockpot. It’s best to keep an eye and nose on it. When it’s done, you can shred it with a fork or leave the tenderloins whole. Serve atop white rice with a veggie or two.

Props to our friends Jen and Juice for the mini crockpot. It has a toilet costume, but that’s for another day.

*Full disclosure:  I only mention brand names here so that you’ll know what I used for this recipe. Perdue and Kraft have nothing to do with this, and it is in no way sponsored content.


  1. This recipe looks so easy, but oh so good. I might have to try this with some of the ‘authentic’ bbq sauces I stock up on every time I am back in Memphis for a visit.

  2. It is sooo easy. I’m sure using “real” BBQ sauce would make it even better.

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