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Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 in Kitchen Tools | 0 comments


Mr. Misto

This little guy is very handy in the kitchen. It sprays oil like an aerosol, but without the chemicals (not good for me or my cookware). I load it up with 1/4 of olive oil and spray in place of cooking spray for most everything except baking. I recently got a bottle of olive oil that has a lighter flavor so I may use it more often. The oil lives in the bottom chamber with a funky looking spray mechanism. You pump the lid up and down to create pressure in the chamber which makes the oil spray out in a fine mist. It’s also great for spraying on foods that need a light coating of oil (like kale for kale chips or potatoes for baked fries) and salads for a quick dressing. Thanks, Mom, for this great tool.

*Full disclosure:  I only mention brand names here so that you’ll know what I have used and recommend. This is in no way sponsored content.



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