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Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 in Try Something New | 2 comments

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day today!

I’ve been trying to add some eco-friendly behaviors to my life. A year or so ago, I started recycling. I have bins for plastic, cardboard, steel, glass, and aluminum. Currently, we only have a couple of pay recycling services in town, so I drop them off at a collection point at a nearby Sam’s Club.

Also, for Valentine’s Day I got a composter from Mr. J. He knows just what I like!!! I really like that I’m limiting the waste we are putting in a landfill. There is a big problem with that here. The county dump is nearly full.

Jolly Green Composter

I keep a bowl in the kitchen to catch trimmings from chopping veggies, egg shells, dryer lint, and the like. It’s been really fun, and I can’t wait until the compost is ready to go!

The third thing I do is use reusable bags for grocery and other shopping. I don’t have a perfect record, but since I prefer using my own bags to using the plastic ones for non-green reasons, I use them quite a bit. I enjoy using the reusable bags because they hold more, they have a flat bottom and fill up easily, and they are easier to carry (you can throw them over your shoulder, and the cloth straps don’t cut into your fingers like the plastic ones do). Since I typically plan out my shopping trip, I grab my list and my bags, and I’m off to the store. Some people keep their bags in the car, and that’s where I fall short: impromptu trips to the store. We reuse all of the plastic shopping bags we do make it home with and ultimately recycle them as well.

Maybe in celebration of earth day this year, I’ll throw a set of reusable bags in the car! I encourage you to try it as well!


  1. I’m a day late but Happy Earth Day Becca!


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