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Posted by on May 1, 2011 in BettyBecca Reviews | 0 comments

Presbyterian Pescetarian

This term came up at lunch on Friday, and I thought I’d share.

I was fully pescetarian (save about 4 incidences) for Lent this year. I also happen to be a life-long Presbyterian. The two words play nicely off of each other, don’t they?

Being pescetarian means that I eat like a vegetarian, only with the addition of seafood. Having this protein option made the transition easier for me.

Surprisingly, it went a lot better than I thought, and I really enjoyed it. Most of the time, I didn’t even realize I was “limited” in any way. I chose the foods I naturally gravitate to, and it felt great to eat this way. I made a commitment to eat more seafood about 6 years ago, and I really enjoy trying new things.

I’ve said for years that I could be vegetarian, but out of convenience of food choices, I never made the jump. Most restaurants have at least one fish or shrimp dish, and I had an easy time keeping the diet at home as well. It also helps that restaurants and fast food joints add and heavily advertise fish dishes during the Lent season for Catholics that need to meet their dietary restrictions during the religious period.

Some of my favorite finds (as usual these are my non-endorsed personal opinions):

  • Wendy’s Fish Sandwiches (head and shoulders above the other fast food choices)
  • Walnut Shrimp from Panda Express
  • Fish tacos from Baja Burrito and Cheddar’s
  • Salmon Salad from Longhorn Steakhouse (the best salmon I’ve ever tasted!)
  • Chili’s Southwest Cedar Plank Tilapia

At home:

  • Beacon Light Steam Series (tilapia was great; salmon and mahi left  a lot to be desired) – Kroger freezer section
  • Tuna salad

I probably won’t keep it strictly, but I think I’ll continue the pescetarian way of life for a while. The next step is taking on cooking fresh fish at home. You can see that my “at home” list is quite short. I’ve always been intimidated by this, but I’m going to take it on this summer. I’ll keep you posted, of course!

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