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Posted by on Jul 7, 2011 in Try Something New | 0 comments

100th Post!

Success at the Farmer's Market


Can you believe it? I’ve been doing this thing consistently for all of 2011, and I’m so glad I’ve kept it going. There’ve been some absences along the way, but I’m really pleased with how this little blog has shaped up.

Looking back at what I set out to do, I think I’ve ventured off a little, but I hope to keep up my initial goal of being a guide for the newbies in the kitchen. I can see that I haven’t given the amount of detail I was hoping to, but I’ll improve that as I go! I’d also like to add some how tos like picking out your kitchen registry, setting up a kitchen from scratch, and some additional cooking technique basics.

I have to say the store-bought remix segment is probably my favorite. I feel so passionate about it (just don’t ask @Harto about making things from scratchhilarious, but not G-rated). I’ve enjoyed sharing my doggies and hospitality tips that stray a little from the cooking focus.

So, I hope you’ve learned a new recipe or a new way to do something. I’ve loved sharing it all with you. Happy cooking!

Betty Becca



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