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Posted by on Aug 20, 2011 in BettyBecca Reviews | 2 comments

Blogroll Update

I originally shared some of my favorite blogs when I first set up Notes from Betty Becca, but I’ve found some new ones to follow. I’ve really been enjoying them, and I wanted to do an update to my list so you can enjoy them, too.



Hands down, top of the list of my new favorites is Bower Power.

I feel like Katie is a friend. Her little boy is adorable, and I’m glued to her house update projects. She has a gorgeous “forever house” that she’s working on. This blog makes me want to drive down to Atlanta to do some shopping at Goodwill and Ikea (you never know what a little TLC can do!), or grab a couple of brushes and a roller and help paint poor little Will’s nursery walls. Could he be any cuter?

Bonus: She’s friends with Sherry of Young House Love…which I’ve kept an eye on for a while. You know about them don’t you? They post a little too often for me to keep up with in my reader, but I do check in with them every now and again. Also some good stuff.

Shelter – Nashville Favorite

Ok, so I know this blogger IRL (in real life – we shared a locker in high school). I’m really digging Sarah’s blog. She has the process blogs DOWN. The Redheaded Stepchild posts “everyone can do it” tutorials on home improvement (building, installing, sewing, painting, etc.). Kind of what I’m going for around here…just in the kitchen.



Oh Happy Day! has some great ideas! I especially loved this idea from Jordan in her debut on Simply Stated/Real Simple. She features really inspiring party ideas. Also…a minor little detail…she and her family are spending a year in PARIS! How amazing is that? The little glimpses of every day life abroad make me feel like I’m there.

Another great site for entertaining ideas is A Subtle Revelry. Just lovely!

This one isn’t about entertaining, but it is entertaining. I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t help but love My Drunk Kitchen. I’m dying for one of her shirts or aprons.

Entertaining – Nashville Favorite

Pizzazzarie posts some of the cutest stuff, and I’m so proud that the magic happens right in my little town!



Bakerella…oh how I love thee. I’ve featured her before. Her stuff is amazing. She’s amazing. How cute are her little kidney cake pops to celebrate the success of her recent transplant!?!? [I’m a nerd.]

Food – Nashville Favorites

Who new Nashville had such a burgeoning food blogging community!? I just love finding a local jewel.

Ezra Pound Cake…wow, where do I start? I love the Meatless Monday meals, the menus inspired by favorite TV series and movies, and Southern goodness with a modern twist. Oh, AND she’s pretty darn funny!

I’ve been so pleased to find my neighbor-blogger, Grisma from Zaika Zabardast. She takes beautiful pictures and has great styling. I’m so intrigued by her delicious dishes. Check it out!

Our local food styling guru has a wonderful blog called Food on Fifth. I love the way she composes photos, the inspired food she creates, and the words she uses to bring recipes to life.



Special props to my new friend, Marie. So nice to meet you!


Go! Go! GO! Check ’em out, and give ’em some love!


  1. Aww, Becca, thanks for the link and kind words! I was just glancing through my traffic sources and noticed your blog as one (and of course, had to read your archives until I figured out how on earth someone got to my blog from yours, haha). Somehow I missed your blog! I’m following now 😉 Your cooking posts put mine to shame but I love your ideas and inspiration!

    • Glad you found me! Welcome! I love your blog as well. It inspires me to take on some projects around the house. We’re in new construction so everything is very vanilla. Also, you turned me onto Bower Power, which I LOVE!


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