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Posted by on Sep 9, 2011 in Try Something New | 0 comments

Cooking with Wine

This is a new concept for me…cooking with wine. I must say that I really like the depth of flavor it lends to dishes.

Wine + mushrooms = lovers forever

I like red wine in spaghetti sauce. I add 1/3 cup to my recipe.

I like white wine in cream based sauces.

Of course, I like to drink wine, too.

I get this wine for cooking at the grocery store. Can you believe it? (For those of you outside of Tennessee, a.k.a. normal places, we can’t buy wine at the grocery store…only the liquor store. No Two Buck Chuck for us.) I can hardly choose which wine to drink so I’m glad to know I can just get the basics at the store. Is that bad? It’s kind of screw-up proof. You have to show your ID to purchase just like any other alcohol. In my store, it’s on the oil/vinegar/salad dressing aisle.

Do you cook with wine? What are your favorite recipes?




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