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Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in Around Chez Ary | 0 comments

Farmers Market Guide

It’s no secret…I love summer. I love vegetables. And I love farmers markets.

We have about 6 weeks left in the 2011 farmers market season. I will be so sad to see it go.

Here are a few quick tips for getting the most out of your local farmers market:

  • Go prepared. What do you want to buy on this trip? What is in season? If something isn’t quite in season yet, then you might not want to buy it at first. Give it a few weeks. You know your favorites, but can you try something new?
  • Go early for best selection.
  • Do a hot lap. Walk around the entire perimeter before you buy anything. Get a feel for what’s available, what looks the best, and who has the best prices. There have been several times when I’ve gotten excited about an item, purchased it on the spot, and then found better/fresher/cheaper options just down the way. Trust me, you want to scout first.
  • Talk to the farmers. Ask them which tray or specimen they would choose for themselves. Ask them what they look for when choosing a perfect vegetable. They’ll likely tell you, to listen/smell/feel for the best or “deeper green is better,” “smaller is better,” etc.

This list is a great start. I’m sure I’ll add more tips as I go. What tip would you add?

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