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Posted by on Sep 2, 2011 in Around Chez Ary | 6 comments

Guest Amenities

We at Chez Ary like our guests to feel right at home during their stay. This little basket of hotel and sample toiletries and other bathroom staples ensure that guests have what they need within reach. Also, in under-cabinet storage, guests will find plenty of clean towels and washcloths, extra TP, and a basket with a hair dryer, feminine products, and spare toothbrushes and paste for their use.

For tailored temperature control, the guest bedroom has a quilt on the bed with an additional comforter at the foot and a ceiling and portable fan. In the event of an early case of the barks from the smallest Chez Ary residents, earplugs are provided.

Reservations are required with plenty of advanced notice. A delicious breakfast will be provided, if the chef is in the mood to cook. Otherwise, expert dining recommendations will be given. Guests can enjoy coffee by the cup with our Keurig coffee maker and extensive selection 1-2 choices of brews. Guests must like dogs.

If you haven’t noticed already, we call our home Chez Ary, especially in regard to our “guest suite.” This nickname came to be rather serendipitously when both my mom and Mr. J’s mom coined the term independently. Weird! Lots of people I know have nicknames for their homes: Casa de Smith, Camp Martin, etc. I’ve even seen people “check in” at their own homes on Facebook Places or Foursquare. 


  1. Love it – but especially the last paragraph! You are so more accommodating than I – I tell folks I’d love for them to stay, but don’t expect a Bed & Breakfast… more like a Couch & Cereal!

    • Thanks for commenting, Mrs. Tina! Hope your ankle is feeling better! I’ve been keeping up with you through Sarah’s blog.

  2. “… than me” ;-P

  3. Sounds good to us. Just happens we’re looking for extended stay lodgings in your area. Do you offer discount rates. LOL M & D Ary

    • Sheets are clean…pack your bags! Come on!

      It might cost you in crown molding and tiling expertise though. ; )

  4. I think this is the greatest idea. Over Thanksgiving I stayed with an old family friend (my brother’s high school sweetheart, whom is still, and will forever, be a member of our family despite their breakup) who just bought her first house. Her guest bathroom was set up just like this and it made me feel so special as a guest. I knew she genuinely was welcoming my into her home and I felt so much more comfortable! Of course Becca would have the same set up because you are just ever so thoughtful. I’ll definitely have to come and put these amenities to good use soon!

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