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Posted by on Sep 5, 2011 in On the Basics | 2 comments

Tomato Paste Problem

Do you have trouble getting tomato paste out of the can? Well, I did until I figured out a trick.

Remove the entire lid. Run a dinner knife around the outside of the can. Rotate the can over your pot and keep spinning (pushing slightly toward the center) until  the contents of the can slide out. It absolutely impossible to get this much paste out of the can with a spoon. There will be a small amount left in the bottom that you can scrape out with the knife or your spoon. Ta da!


  1. If the bottom of the can is the same as the top (i.e., a lot of cans can’t be opened from the bottom these days because they’ve made them one-piece with a top-only sealed opening…), turn your can upside down and open quickly and then follow your directions. The contents settle in the bottom of the can, leaving next to nothing at the top to be dug out. 😉

    • I tried out this trick recently, and it works so well!

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