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Posted by on Oct 30, 2011 in Come Together, Store-bought Remix | 0 comments

A Note on Cheese Cubes

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They’re expensive when you buy them at the store. You can pretty easily make them yourself with a little extra time. I bought two huge blocks of cheese from Sam’s: Sharp Cheddar and Colby Jack.

First of all, use a sharp knife and be careful!┬áKeep your end shape in mind as you’re making the cuts. You want to end up with a cube, after all. Position the block of cheese horizontally in front of you. If you have trouble eyeballing the size, cut the block in half or thirds until you get to the desired width. Lay these “planks” out in stacks of two or three. Cut into strips. Take a stack of strips and make the final cuts to make them cubes.

Add the cut cheese to a large bowl and add a small amount of corn starch with a sifter (I used 2 T to 4 lbs of cheese). Toss to coat. The cut cheese will release oils and cause the cubes to stick together. The corn starch will absorb the oil and prevent this from happening. That’s what they do to the store-bought cheese. You can barely see the coating after storing in the fridge, and you cannot taste it.

In my estimation, I got twice the cheese for my money by making these myself.




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