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Posted by on Nov 2, 2011 in On the Basics | 0 comments

A note on the domestic arts

Something clicked with me this morning in regards to domestic arts. Yes, it’s an art (and a science). It doesn’t look the same as it once did, but it hasn’t gone anywhere.

Last weekend, I hung out with a woman with a Home Economics degree. It’s not something you hear all the time, and it seems like the discipline is nearly dried up in schools. Sure, high schools still offer “Foods” (aka “learn how to feed yourself, kid”) and “Textiles” (aka “learn how to sew PJ pants”), but there isn’t a full curriculum like there used to be. Also, I doubt it’s offered in the same format as it once was in colleges, and I’d bet you’d be hard-pressed to find an entire degree devoted to the topic. Home ec just isn’t “in” on the higher education scene these days.

However, domestic arts are still alive and kicking. And it’s not a lady-only thing anymore. Though some people prefer the term House Manager instead of homemaker. Keeping a household running smoothly, whatever you call it, is hard work. The “education” is now found in blog posts. There are cooking blogs, homemaking blogs, etiquette blogs, and everything in between…how to sew/craft/make this and how to clean/scrub/refresh that. We’re self-educating and sharing what we know. It’s a community thing, and I think it’s pretty cool.

Also, can I make one clarification…people are DOMESTIC; animals are domesticated. Thank you!


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