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Posted by on Dec 10, 2011 in Kitchen Tools, On the Basics | 2 comments

Multiple Measurers: A series!

I remember learning all about measuring in Foods class in high school. I had no idea that there was actually a method to all of this measuring madness. The lessons stuck with me, and I wanted to share some helpful measuring tips with you.

I have three sets of measuring cups and spoons. I use all three sets of measuring spoons separated from their rings corralled in a plastic dish in my utensil drawer. I keep two sets of dry measuring cups (nested together to save space, naturally) in my kitchen drawer closest to the stove, and I have another set for household measuring (more on that later). I have a couple of stacks of wet measuring cups and a kitchen scale. All of these items come in handy, and they’re some of my most used kitchen tools.

Stay tuned for more tips on measuring spoons, dry and wet measuring, and using a scale.


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  1. I am notorious for just adding what I “think” is a cup of an ingredient, or a tablespoon here and there. I really need to learn how to measure. I think this is why I never like the foods I cook — everyone else thinks they taste fine, but I know it doesn’t taste EXACTLY the way it is supposed to!

    • Measuring is a habit for sure…especially with seasonings. If you want something to come out consistently every time, it’s best to measure. This being said, there are plenty of people out there that hate to measure, and that’s why we have cooks vs. bakers. 😀


  1. Notes from Betty Becca » Blog Archive » Put a Ring on It - [...] » Photo from This is the second post in the Multiple Measures series. See Post 1…

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