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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in BettyBecca Bakes | 0 comments

Birthday Recap: I’m 27!

This year was extra special now that I have a little Chicken to celebrate with. He, Mr. J, and I went out for a delicious lunch. I had feta and spinach pizza from the Gondolier restaurant in Murfreesboro. I highly recommend it. Fun fact: Mr. J and I ate lunch there right before I went into labor. They have a beautiful baked goods case. If you’re in the area, you should check them out.

While I was in my baking frenzy, I made a birthday cake for ¬†myself. I really love Publix cake (Costco is in close second), but I knew we wouldn’t have time to eat it all before leaving for the holiday. The cake was Devil’s Food from a box (gasp!), and truthfully, I think it cooked a little too long. I made chocolate butter cream and went with the “just get on there” method for icing. I was too worn out to do any piping. I was pleased with my torting. That’s the name of the technique where you slice the cake rounds in half horizontally. I like having extra icing!

On Wednesday night when we arrived at Mom’s house, she had my favorite Chicken Enchiladas. They’re so yummy. I’ll have to post that recipe soon! She got me two bottles of good quality vanilla, which I’m extra excited about.

I got a really neat gift from my Cousin B. She clipped and saved her favorite recipes into a scrapbook for me. She made notes about her experience with the recipe and substitution ideas. I can’t wait to dive in and try some of the recipes out. It’s always good to have inspiration!

So far, 27 is pretty great!

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