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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in BettyBecca Bakes | 0 comments

Holiday Treats Wish List

My 2010 Holiday Tray

For some, making holiday treats might seem like a chore, but I LOVE it. It’s so much fun. I’ll probably have to curtail my efforts a bit this year, but if I had infinite amounts of time and butter, here’s what I’d make.

These and these, but you already new that.

Birthday bark (I also make white chocolate with crushed peppermint sticks…so good!)

Marinated olives

Sausage balls (secret ingredient: cream cheese)

Spiced nuts (salty, spicy, sweet, or all of the above!)

I like to round out a sweets tray with at least one thing with real fruit in it. I’ve made these Apple Cinnamon Bars with this cinnamon icing for the past two years. They can be a little crumbly, but they’re really good.

Hmm…something chocolate…like these truffles.

Gooey butter bars are a favorite. I tried to make them last year, but I didn’t let them set enough before trying to cut them. #failure!

Cherry cordials for my dad (don’t tell!) – We have a running tradition/joke that involves giving my dad gross amounts of chocolate covered cherries. I think he eventually eats them all, but I don’t know how. Last year, a coworker made a homemade version, and you know that’s right up my alley. I’d love to make these for him, and I might even try one (or a few) myself.

I like to have some kind of cake on my tray. The one pictured above was yellow cake and buttercream from scratch in the XL cupcake pan. I got adorable little gift package cake pans from my MIL a couple of years ago so last year I made a buttermilk bundt recipe in them with lemon glaze (lemon juice and powdered sugar). They were a hit!

Of course I have to have something peanut buttery for Mr. J. How about these peanut butter balls? I could dip them when I’m coating the truffles.

I could go on and on and on…

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