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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Come Together | 0 comments

Mmmm…Christmas Breakfast

Christmas breakfast is ever the controversy at my house. Mr. J grew up eating pie for breakfast, and I grew up eating a smorgasbord of all the best of breakfast.

You might say, “Pie for breakfast…that sounds amazing!” Or you might be like me, and say, “Give me my awesome breakfast.” Story of the pie tradition goes…two young boys didn’t want to wait for breakfast on Christmas morning because there were presents to be unwrapped and Santa stuff to go through…duh. So, “Mom, can we please, please, please have something faster…how about pie?!” Ok, so I’m probably butchering the story, but I think that’s close. I’ve been around a long time (12 years), but not quite that long.

My mom puts out the red table cloth, a centerpiece, and the fancy Christmas china, and we dig in. These aren’t efforts to really be fancy-pants; it’s more about making the morning special. The menu isn’t necessarily set in stone from year to year, but it’s always delicious. One of my favorite dishes that usually makes an appearance is garlic cheese grits. We all know grits need a little dressing up. They’re kind of like the tofu of the South. We were inspired by some delicious grits eaten at Union Station hotel on an after-Christmas trip to Nashville when I was a kid (a tradition we used to have). Some minced garlic, shredded Cheddar cheese, and heavy cream are oh so delicious. Or you can take a short cut and get a little log (packaged like bulk sausage) in the refrigerated section at the grocery store…both are good!

So who will win this breakfast battle? Who knows? We’ll probably each do what we grew up and enjoy doing…or maybe we’ll start something new.

If you’re still planning your Christmas morning menu, here are a few links to recipe round-ups that have caught my eye.
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