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Posted by on Jan 26, 2013 in Come Together | 0 comments


Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 4.26.00 PM

This week, I’ll mark the second birthday of this blog. Let’s celebrate!

I missed the first birthday because I didn’t realize and the date passed me by. Blog, would you like a smash cake and some striped paper straws to make up for it?

I also recently racked up another accomplishment over here…200 posts! That doesn’t seem like many since I’ve technically had this ship running for 730 days, but I didn’t post as much when I was cooking the wee one. I just wasn’t that into it, ya’ll. BUT, the fever is back now (the blogging fever, that is!). And I’m ready to put on a party hat!

I’m going to go easy on myself (in new mother fashion) and post about Everyday Celebrations this week. That’s kind of my style anyway (see resolutions: 2011 / 2012). Let’s do this!

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