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Posted by on Jan 13, 2013 in On the Basics | 0 comments

New Year – New Kitchen

I’m sure many of you pine for a kitchen remodel, but that’s not what I’m talking about today. I’ve been thinking on several deep cleaning projects to get my kitchen in better shape. Then I came across this post: How to tune-up your kitchen for 2013: 9 easy steps from Simple Bites, and I really got inspired. Here are a few of the things I want to do in my kitchen.

Deep clean the cabinets – Remove everything from the cabinet and wipe away crumbs and dust that have collected there. While I have the items “out in the light” I will consider if it’s something I actually use. If I don’t, I can give it away or yard sale it.

Clean out the pantry and freezer – Throw away was isn’t at its peak and plan meals around what is left. This saves money, makes room, and brings fresher ingredients into your kitchen.

Clean out the spices – Consolidate multiples, throw away what isn’t fresh, and organize so I can actually see and find what I have. Maybe I should employ a lazy susan or tiered shelving?

Clean off the kitchen table and actually eat there – Over the holidays, the kitchen table  was the place for doing crafts, boxing up treats, overflow counter space, filing cabinet for important papers that didn’t have a home yet, wrapping gifts, stray laundry, groceries that wouldn’t fit in the cabinet, etc. As I’ve been doing post-holiday cleaning and organizing I decided that I really wanted to strive to keep the kitchen table open so that we can enjoy several meals there every week. Right now, it’s about 1/4 covered, but we’ve eaten several meals there over the course of the weekend. We agree that family dinners are important as Chicken grows up, but sometimes noshing in front of the TV is too alluring. Baby steps?

Daily dishes – This is more of a maintenance task than anything, but I’ve been trying to run the dishwasher every night before bed. Before baby, Mr. J would do the dishes in the morning, but this routine seems to be working out better these days. A clean kitchen begets a clean kitchen (most of the time).

Assess the counter-top – We all try to keep what’s used very often handy on our counter top, but mine is getting cluttered. I want to assess what’s there, how often I use it, and what might be a better location for it to live. Streamline in 2013!

Ok, I’m sure there is more I could do, but I feel like this is a good start. Do you have any New Year projects in your kitchen or home?



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