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Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in Store-bought Remix | 1 comment

October Unprocessed Starts Tomorrow


Or so my calendar says. I’m trying to stop laughing now. I put a note on my calendar last year when I realized on November 1st that I’d missed it for 2012…probably while holding my 1-month-old baby. Now, that baby is one, and in the last month, we’ve moved, traveled for a week, and hosted two major social events. I’m ready for a break. But not all hope is lost. I have a brand new kitchen to break in, and I’ve always been committed to store-bought remix (which is a similar premise to OU13).

Check this out for more info on the challenge. The “Kitchen Test” definition was really interesting to me, and it seems like there is a little leeway to keep from having to make EVERYTHING yourself from scratch. Some products “made in store” or purchased from the farmers’ market might help me commit. I could also do a week-day only rule, too…anything to ease into it. It’s not like I’ve been putting up jam all summer so I could dive right in. This is going to take baby steps. I also noticed that you can get some coupons from Bob’s Red Mill this year. Anybody out there interested?

1 Comment

  1. At one point in my life, I would have been all over this. But I rely too heavily on storebought bread, pasta, cheese and peanut butter to feed my daughter (much of it being stuff I don’t eat myself). 🙂

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