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Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in eat/make/do | 0 comments

eat/make/do [1]

Toddler version #keepinitreal

This is the BettyBecca version of the link round-ups you’re seeing everywhere these days. These are things caught my eye or new things I’m trying out.

I can’t stop thinking about this epic snack (hello, meat chips).

This is a lot like my life in the kitchen especially the poltergeist cabinets (except when I get REAL in the kitchen, I clean as I go.).

I need a ticket to Hoboken. 

I’ll be keeping track of this frosting guide for handy reference. 

Homemade tortillas need to happen asap.

Aarti (Food Network Star Winner, Season 6) is back on the scene, and it’s been great hearing from her. Show her some love! (I freaking love this: What the buck?)

Mr. J’s epic birthday cake got featured on The Red Headed Stepchild. Check out Sarah’s awesome version of this cake for her husband’s birthday.

I’ve been sharing the toddler’s version of meals on Instagram (pictured above), and I’ve been getting great feedback. I hope to keep it up so follow me @Betty_Becca for more!

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