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Posted by on Aug 11, 2014 in eat/make/do | 0 comments

eat/make/do [5]: Try New Things


Today’s roundup has new-to-me tastes, skills, and ideas.

  • I would love to go to culinary school someday, but I have no idea what I’d follow it up with. I’ve always said my only downfall would be butchering. I am very anxious and uncomfortable while I’m breaking down meat. I was shredding some chicken one day from a split breast, and Mr. J asked me if I was in pain because I was grimacing so much. Here’s a good guide to butchering a chicken that I am keeping for reference when I’m feeling inspired/brave.
  • I love getting the Brain Pickings emails every week. It’s like exercise for your brain…not a feeling I’ve had much since leaving college finals behind. Sign up today, and we can discuss. Kinda like book club?
  • I haven’t listened to a podcast in a while, but this one from Alton Brown just might get me back in the habit. I’m a huge fan!

“I enjoy exploring the nuances of food and drink; I enjoy trying to be an expert on the food I make. The difference between a meh experience and a superb experience is all about the details, really —  the espresso grind, the bread knead, the tomato harvest, the martini garnish, the noodle chew.”

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