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Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in eat/make/do | 0 comments

eat/make/do [9]: Let them eat LUNCH!


Above: Dill curry tuna salad on whole wheat bread with mixed greens

I LOVE a happy work lunch! One of my favorite tricks is to make one big central component on the weekend or shop for tasty ingredients specifically for work lunch – then store and prepare everything AT work to streamline mornings at home. Sometimes my work-friends and I will spend a lunch break shopping for work food, and we know we’ll have quality options on hand for the week. Shopping and preparing food together is just as much fun as going out (maybe?).

I’m obsessed with these two posts from bon appetit. I’m inspired to hosting a cheese plate lunch at work. Everyone would bring their favorite cheese (or even some charcuterie) and some fruit or hearty crackers – all to share. How fun would that be? (I have no doubt that it would look exactly like this.)

I’m no longer packing lunch for my son (Hallelujer! due to a change of schools with a tremendous menu upgrade), but 100 Days of Real Food (I won this cookbook – which is also a great resource since it features a lunchbox section!) and Wendolonia were some of the best sites for inspiration.

How refreshing does this Sparkling Lemon Herb Tea look??? And these lunch ideas sound delish! (I helped with prop styling and sourcing on these shoots! So fun!)

I love the idea of this Citrus Boost dressing. I usually whip up a similar dressing for my salads and bowls, but this one sounds extra zingy. If you’re short on time, this trick would probably go a long way to brighten up your midday meal.

Deb from The Smitten Kitchen might hate packing lunch, but she’s fabulous at it.

Really a post about breakfast, but I still love the placemat at your desk tip.

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