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That's me and Mr. E!

That’s me and Mr. E!

My name is Becca, but I’ve been called Betty Crocker more than once.

You may be surprised to learn that before I got married, my boyfriend (now husband) of seven years did all the cooking. I’d never done even the basics like making spaghetti and browning ground beef. I knew enough to feed myself: boxed pasta and rice meals and cookies. However, when it came to putting a meal together (and multi-tasking…gasp), I had no idea what I was doing. I’ll admit; I was scared.

Well, flashback to that fateful time as a newly married woman with no domestic skills, I had to conquer my fear and get going. You should know that I had recently graduated from college and moved to a new city. My freshly minted degree was in marketing, and it was the beginning of the lovely recession. Naturally, that meant I didn’t have a job. I knew that I had to bite the bullet and take care of our household. That meant preparing meals. I think a lot of women in my generation are in my situation. We rely on restaurants and processed food because of our lack of skills and experience (and bravery) in the kitchen.

Nowadays, if I come across a recipe that interests me, I give it a try. No excuses. I’ve learned a lot, and I really haven’t had that many nightmare experiences. I’m here to give you my notes from the lessons I’ve picked up along the way, in the kitchen and around the house. I hope you learn something new and gain a little confidence, too.

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Disclaimer: No products mentioned here have been sponsored (except for maybe by friends and family from our wedding registry). If I ever hear from a company, you’ll be the first to know. Views and opinions expressed here are mine alone and do not imply the same of my family, friends, or employer.