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Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Long Dog Diaries | 0 comments

Weenie Hangout

Sweet boy

I’m pretty sure this is a dog thing (probably a cat thing too), but our dogs have their regular hangouts. If we’re looking for them, we can almost always find them there. This is Oscar’s…on the arm of the recliner. He loves to sit with us so this is his way of saying, “I’m here…ready…but yet, out of the way…for you to sit with me.” Love him!

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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Long Dog Diaries | 0 comments

Alternative Uses for Baby Items

This is a repeat for my Facebook friends, but it was too cute not to post here. The dogs get confused a lot since they used to have the run of the place, and now there is this new little person in the house. Sophie the Giraffe really throws them for a loop since she squeaks just like their toys. It’s a tough life for a weenie these days at Chez Ary…ha!

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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Long Dog Diaries | 0 comments

Long Dogs Return

Here are my sweet boys! They’ve been so good since the baby arrived. The dynamic turned out a little differently than we expected though. We thought Oscar wouldn’t care anything about the baby…just go on with life, business as usual. And that Tucker would be protective. Boy, were we wrong! It’s the complete opposite.

Oscar is ever the guardian. We had to take it slow with him at first. He tried to treat the baby like a puppy. He still tries to be a good mama dog. Ha! I think he and E must have formed an early bond because Oscar would sleep around my baby bump all the time. Oscar never misses a meal, but when we first got home, he didn’t eat or play for the first few days. So worried…poor little guy. He’s back to normal now, but he still likes to keep an eye on things. Tucker could care less about the new addition to the family. He’s always been cat-like in that he only wants love on his terms.

I was worried when we first brought the baby home and the dogs started barking. We don’t really try to keep our noise level down, but this instance was rather loud and abrupt. E never even flinched. I think he got used to his puppies before he was born.


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