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Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in Come Together | 0 comments

Great Food Truck Race in Nashville

Photo from Food Network

I’m so proud to be helping spread the word that an ADPi sorority sister is competing in Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race Competition TOP 4 this weekend (6/2-3) in Nashville.  I’ve heard she serves yummy tacos and delicious dessert truffles!!! The latest on her location on Saturday is that she’ll be out in front of Mike’s Ice Cream at Broadway and 2nd from 1:30 til 6 p.m.

Watch for location updates here: more from the Nashville Scene.

Tiffany Seth owns Mamma’s Grizzly Grub food truck. She is from Alaska and was initiated into ADPi at Southern Missouri. The winner will be solely on most food sold so spread the word! The Nashville Area ADPi Alumnae Association will be supporting Tiffany and our favorite philanthropy, Ronald McDonald House, by delivering meals and dessert to the House for the residents to enjoy!

The show will be filming her and the other final contestants throughout the weekend and will air at a later date on the Food Network.


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Posted by on May 5, 2012 in Come Together | 0 comments

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! I hope you’re celebrating today…unless you’re celebrating the Kentucky Derby or Talladega or something else. This is quite the day for eating, drinking, and being merry!

If you’re having a fiesta and you’re still not sure what to do for dessert. I have something SUPER easy for you. Make No-Fry Fried Ice Cream! We had a Quatro de Mayo potluck at work yesterday, and we were light on the desserts section of the sign up sheet. I waffled on this until about 10 minutes til 5 on Thursday night, but it ended up being a winner. I had a reception to attend the night before so I was low on prep time. This recipe from Tablespoon saved the day.


  • 6 cups honey coated corn flakes cereal, crushed
  • 2 Tablespoons white sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons butter, melted
  • 5 Tablespoons corn syrup
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 gallon vanilla ice cream, softened
  • (optional) Toppings: caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, whipped cream


  1. Combine crushed cereal, sugar, butter, corn syrup. and cinnamon in a small bowl. Set aside.
  2. Shape ice cream into 3-inch balls and roll in the cereal mixture, pressing lightly to ensure that the ball is fully coated.
  3. Place ice cream balls in muffin tins and freeze until ready to serve.
  4. To serve top with syrup, whipped topping, and a sprinkle of cinnamon if desired.


I’ve become quite used to bringing food for events so let me share a few tips on how I transported and made this dessert. First of all for a crowd, I didn’t  bother with the pre-scooping. I just made a little sign with instructions for each person to scoop out their own ice cream and let them top it with as many of the “fried” bits (and then toppings) as they wanted. Since we had TONS of food, many people didn’t get into desserts until later in the afternoon so this let me keep the ice cream and whipped topping in the freezer until somebody wanted it.

I made the full batch of fried bits and got all of the toppings (chocolate and caramel sauce and whipped cream) and had another person bring the ice cream to share the cost. He only got a half gallon of vanilla ice cream  (from Blue Bell…it was delish!), but I’m glad I made the full amount of fried bits because those definitely went faster since I didn’t roll the scoops of ice cream in the mixture.

If you’re bringing a dish to an event, you want to make sure you’ve got all of the prep utensils, ingredients, and special serving tools you’ll need. Don’t count on the venue having them because either they won’t have a can opener or strainer or ice cream scoop or whatever OR 10 other people will be counting on using it. It also helps to keep this in mind for freezer and refrigerator space (we were asked to clear out the fridge the day before the event so we’d have enough room…smart!) or oven / microwave / toaster oven space. We had a lot of frantic heaters at the last minute, which makes for some dishes being a little cold in the end. Bring your own cooler for cold things or crockpots and heated casserole dish covers for warm things, and take control of your own temperature destiny!

My last bit of advice has to do with once the whole thing is over. Plan for a mess…my toppings bottles were sticky, my ice cream scoops were dirty, and I had leftovers to deal with. Bring your own plastic zipper bags or leftover containers. Bring a plastic bag (zippered or recycled grocery) to plop all of the used utensil in (then throw them straight in the dish water or washer when you get home). Bring a roll of your own paper towels or handy wipes for messes, especially if you’re partying in a field (a la Derby or Steeplechase) sans kitchen. If  you had a warm dish, say in a crockpot, you need to think about the safety of your leftovers after they’ve been sitting out on the serving table. After 2 hours, they’re probably not good any more. You’ll want to get those packed up and refrigerated ASAP or they’ll be going in the trash (or making someone sick!).

So how did all of this advice play out with my dish yesterday?

When I was prepping for this dessert, I packed a 1-cup measure, a small plastic container with the butter pre-measured (so I could just pop it into the microwave to melt), another container with the cinnamon and sugar measured out, a tablespoon measure, a bottle of corn syrup, and 2 ice cream scoops. I also brought my own container with a lid to mix the fried bits up in so that I could take home any leftovers. I stopped on the way into work to get the cereal and toppings. When I was setting out the dessert to serve, I measured out the cereal with the 1-cup scoop, crushing them with the bottom of the cup as I went. I popped the butter in the microwave and dumped in the other ingredients. I forgot to bring a mixing / serving spoon, but thankfully there were enough of them on site. I also borrowed small spoons to serve the whipped topping.

One last thing…be prepared to share your recipe. Have it typed up in an email ready to forward or bring your recipe card to throw on the copier at work. If you’ve found a good recipe, people will want it!

Whether you’re enjoying margaritas, mint juleps, or 40s (or something non-alcoholic like me)…have fun today!

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Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in Come Together | 0 comments

Slow-Cooked Fajita Chicken Chili

It’s Chili Cook-off time at work places across America. Last Friday, I competed with 10 of my fellows for the title of Best Chili in the Land. Sadly, I didn’t place, but I had a whole bunch of fun making it and consorting with my coaches, K & M. They insisted on a white chili, and I recently whipped up a tasty version on accident after work one day that I thought might take the crown (no dice). Guess which chili won? A white chili with ground turkey (they were on to something). It was delish with the recommended accouterments – Greek yogurt, chopped cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. Congrats to all of the winners!

Here’s my version. Coach K called it pungent, and it is. It’s very flavorful, with just the right amount of kick.

1 1/2 cup fajita chicken
2 T olive oil
1 can each pinto beans and white beans (Northern, cannellini), drained and rinsed
1 cup water (or to desired consistency)
1 small can diced green chilis
1 T fajita seasoning
1 t cumin
1 t salt
1/2 t black pepper

On medium heat, cook the onions and garlic in the olive oil until translucent. Add remaining ingredients. Let it chill out on med-low, stirring occasionally, for about 20 minutes. If you want to thicken it a little at the end, add 1-2 T of flour. Enjoy!

Great with sour cream on top with chopped onions or green onions on top.

Bonus: Last year, I dressed my crockpot up in a costume. I was working at cabedge at the time, and they have a toilet-themed cook-off. What does that mean? Prizes are toilet-topped trophies and bedazzled toilet seats, and golden thrones grace the invitation to compete. So, naturally, my crockpot needed a toilet costume. What? You don’t have costumes for your crockpot? Photographic evidence:

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Posted by on Oct 30, 2011 in Come Together, Store-bought Remix | 0 comments

A Note on Cheese Cubes

Photo source

They’re expensive when you buy them at the store. You can pretty easily make them yourself with a little extra time. I bought two huge blocks of cheese from Sam’s: Sharp Cheddar and Colby Jack.

First of all, use a sharp knife and be careful! Keep your end shape in mind as you’re making the cuts. You want to end up with a cube, after all. Position the block of cheese horizontally in front of you. If you have trouble eyeballing the size, cut the block in half or thirds until you get to the desired width. Lay these “planks” out in stacks of two or three. Cut into strips. Take a stack of strips and make the final cuts to make them cubes.

Add the cut cheese to a large bowl and add a small amount of corn starch with a sifter (I used 2 T to 4 lbs of cheese). Toss to coat. The cut cheese will release oils and cause the cubes to stick together. The corn starch will absorb the oil and prevent this from happening. That’s what they do to the store-bought cheese. You can barely see the coating after storing in the fridge, and you cannot taste it.

In my estimation, I got twice the cheese for my money by making these myself.


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